1. Super Liquid Release Agent (R)
  2. Oztec - Electric Concrete Vibrator Motor - 2-1/4 HP
  3. Kraft Tool Co. - EZY Deck Pro Gun & Hopper
  4. Oztec - Gas Powered BackPack Models - 4-Stroke Honda Engine - 2.5 HP
  5. Vegas Stone Seamless 34in - 6pc
  6. Red Rocket Bull Float 6-Hole Tilt Bracket Adapter
  7. Brick Paver
  8. Ashlar Slate 9 + Floppy Set
  9. Husqvarna - Soff Cut X5000 PAVER SAW
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New Husqvarna Saws are Now Available

Improved over older their older versions, Husqvarna saws are still leading the way.

Husqvarna Cutoff Saws

Rebar Chairs from LTM

American Made, quality rebar chairs made in the USA, in Colorado

Rebar Chairs

Concrete Stamps

Our Concrete Stamps selection is excellent.  Each and ever one of our Concrete Stamps has a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.  The Concrete Supply House is considered an industry leader in quality concrete stamps with thousands of satisfied concrete stamp customers all over the world.  You are sure to find the Concrete Stamp Pattern you need for your Concrete project.

View our Concrete Stamps for sale

Concrete Stencils

Our concrete stencils are a favorite of customers.  Our Concrete Stencils have a fast delivery and order fulfillment times keep customers coming back for all their concrete stencil needs

View our Concrete Stencils for sale

Partner Parts

Our Partner Parts selection is 2nd to none.  We offer online ordering for all Partner Saw Parts to make your yellow saw run like new again.  Our customers love our turn around time on our partner parts, as we ship via UPS Ground and you can have your partner parts in about 3 to 5 business days.

View our Partner Parts for sale

Oztec Concrete Vibrators

Do you need a Concrete Vibrator?  If you do then Oztec Industries has you covered.  We offer Oztec's complete line of concrete vibrators for any need small or large.  We like Oztec because of their reputation for being the best concrete vibrator money can buy.  Also Oztec vibrator shafts, heads and power units can be used on any major brand's equipment.  This is what sets Oztec a step ahead of the rest.

View our Oztec Concrete Vibrators for sale

Oztec Parts

We also offer a complete line of parts for all of Oztec's equipment, all of our Oztec parts are available for sale right on our website.

View our Oztec Parts for sale

Kraft Concrete Tools

We offer each and every tool that Kraft Tool Co manufactures.  While our focus is on Kraft Concrete Tools, we also represent their complete line of concrete tools

View our Kraft Concrete Tools for sale

Concrete Colors

Our Concrete Colors come in several different forms to help your concrete look awesome.

View our Concrete Colors for sale

Concrete Tools

The Concrete Supply House is the Concrete Industry's leader in online sales of concrete tools. Our selection is second to none.

Just take a few minutes to look around our website.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete has grown in popularity for its ease of use, maintenance and long lasting durability. We have all the concrete tools and concrete stamps you need to complete decorative concrete jobs of any size.

Construction Tools

The Concrete Supply House is the construction industry's leader in online sales of construction tools. We carry top brands like Husqvarna, Matcrete, Kraft, Marshalltown and Oztec. If you've got a tough job we've got tough, quality tools to get it done.

Partner Parts

Marshalltown Concrete Tools

Kraft Concrete Tools

Matcrete Concrete Stamps

Concrete Saws

MK Diamond Saw Blades

Target Diamond Blades

Multivibe Power Screeds

Concrete Trowels

Concrete Rollers