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How it's used everything you do in the finishing process of concrete is all about timing. When to use a float or switch to a trowel, when to use an edger or a jointer.All of these tools must be used at the appropriate time. Timing is important with the "the colorspreader ™" as well. Most decorative contractors apply color hardener as soon as the bullfloat has closed up the surface. Using this tool you will want to wait 15-30 minutes for the initial set of the concrete, allowing bleed water to develop. If job site allows, push the tool across the pour empty,vibrator in the OFF position, and load the color from the opposite side. When you begin pulling the float back, turn on the vibrator using the remote. The rate of speed you retrieve the tool determines your coverage rate. If job site conditions don't allow you to load from the opposite side, stage the buckets of material on the near side with a laborer to load the tray and move the tool over for your next pass. It's that easy!.