Husqvarna FS 8400 D- Concrete Saw

The Husqvarna FS8400 D is Husqvarna's flagship self propelled walk behind saw. Excellent for all cutting highways and bridge decks.

Features a John Deere- 84hp Diesel engine

MSRP with all Options = $56,173.00
MSRP Base Model no Options 26in = $38,008.00

* The Quick Stick one-hand control is used for drive, control and raising and lowering the blade.
* Our larger road saws are equipped with powerful turbo diesel engines, and are designed to provide more power at the blade spindle, which increases efficiency in all kinds of sawing job. The engines also have low vibration levels, for more comfortable operation.
* All our saws have a compact and well-balanced design with a low profile that makes them easy to handle and transport.
* Blade clutch allows engine operation and saw movements without blade rotation and assists in freeing blades stuck in cut.
* One of the most powerful flat saws, when it comes to these types of applications.
* Patented power transmission system transmits more power to the bladeshaft with optimum torque.
* Bladeshaft tachometer helps operator identify correct bladeshaft rpm for selected blade size.
* Electric tracking system allows operator to make tracking adjustments with a touch of a switch, while cutting.
* Patented IntelliSeal bladeshaft system allows for a minimum of 500 maintenance-free hours and eliminates daily greasing of bearings.
* Also available in a 3-speed version, which extends the range of applications and allows for optimum performance when step cutting.

Saw Specs
Weight 2122 lbs
Maximum Blade 60in
Maximum Depth of cut 25 inches with 60in Guard
Bladeshaft RPM (avg) 2400 - 1180 based on blade size
Bladeshaft Diameter 2 in
Arbor Size 1in with Drive Pin
(Most Common Size Available fits most stock blades)
Handle Adjusment Variable Positioning
Blade Guard Type Slip On / Bolted
Belt Type  
Blade Depth Adjustment Electro-Hydraulic Raise and Lower
Primary Wheel Size 8 x 3 inch
Secondary Wheel Size 10 x 3 inch
Blade Guard Sizes Available 14,18,20,26,30,36,42, 60inches
Shipping Weight 2390
Saw Dimensions 71.5 in Length - 37.36 in Width - 64.25 in Length
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Fuel Diesel
Engine Horsepower 84 HP
Displacement 183 Cu in
Bore - Stroke 3 in 4in
Cylinders 5
Left or Right hand Cut Both
Fuel Capacity 9 Gallons
Oil Capacity 11.83 Qts
Bladeshaft HP 72
Starter Electric Start
Electric Start Yes
Engine Cooling Liquid Cooled
Transmission Specifications
Type Dual Motor - Hydrostatic Drive
Speed - Rear Pivot 0 - 300 Feet Per Min
Optional Equipment Specifications
Electric Tracking Yes - Electric Switch Operated
Blade Clutch Yes, Available
3 Speed Trans Yes, Available