Concrete Stamp Rental

We Rent Nationwide!  We have the largest selection of common and uncommon stamps anywhere.


Quick Questions?

Minimum Rental Rate is $249.00

All Rentals are for 7 Days with Stamps in your posession.

Rental rates are based on the number of stamps, more stamps = more expensive.

Minimum 2 weeks notice before use date is required.

Freight is included in the rental rate, both out and back, please keep in mind this makes renting stamps from us expensive.  Most local rental places if you are lucky you can find stamp rentals for $25.00 per stamp per day.  We are actaully cheaper and have a larger selection Plus you have our stamps for 7 days vs 1 day.  If you are a contractor, you can line up several pours on 1 stamp rental.

Renting stamps for 1 time use is way cheaper, a good set of stamps will run about $1100 to 1500.00 for the set Plus about $150.00 in shipping.  Renting allows you to rent more stamps and do a better job rather than skimping with 2 or 3 stamps, when you really need 9 to 12.

Renting from us is easy, we take care of the shipping arrangments, you just order from us, UPS delivers, when you are done you put on UPS labels and rebox the stamps when you are done.  All you have to do is take to a place that accepts UPS packages.


We do not handle any rental business by phone, please fill out the form below.


If you would be so kind as to fill out the form below, we will return a quote within 48hrs.