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Please take the time to read the following, it will ensure you select the correct concrete vibrating equipment


Head Size Selection The radius of action concept is simple. Imagine the concrete vibrator head emitting a sound that can only be heard a given distance away from the vibrator head. The radius of action is only a measurement of the distance in which the vibrator can vibrate the concrete for adequate consolidation. So if you have a 12 inch wall you are pouring and you insert the vibrator head into the center of that 12 inch wall you only have 6 inches to each side of the concrete forms. So therefore you would need a radius of action of 6 inches. If you look at the chart below you can see that the R column for Radius of Action that the 1-1/2 inch head diameter is what you would need to adquetely consolidate the concrete.


Motor Selection You now need to look to see what size motor the 1-1/2 inch head will require, as motors are selected not by the shaft length but by the head size and type. If you look at the chart you can see that the 1.2OZ will run the 1-1/2 inch head. Most of our customers would go ahead and step up the the 1.8OZ because this will allow you to run a little bit larger head, incase you need to buy a bigger head in the future, this way you will not have to buy a whole new setup but just a larger head, and the correct size shaft.


Shaft Selection Shaft selection is a pretty straighforward and easist of the vibrator setup to select. One thing to consider is the 3/4inch or Pencil heads will only operate on the pencil shafts, and pencil shafts will only operate pencil heads. All other heads and shafts will work together given that they are all Oztec style. You can also connect flex shafts with the flex shaft connector - Oztec - Flexible Shaft Coupling Oztec Flex shafts have been successfully connected to lengths of up to 65 feet, but if you go over 42 feet please contact our technical support department, and describe your needs in further detail.

If you have any further questions about vibrators Contact Us Here You will recieve our best response about concrete vibrator questions via email, as we only allow a select few of our agents to answer vibrator questions.


Radius of Action - The most important bit of information needed for complete consolidation.
Radius of Action is the distance from the center of the vibrator to the outer edge, where complete consolidation takes place (see diagram).
For quality concrete Oztec lists conservative values for Radius of Action. Complete consolidation is necessary for low slump concrete with close meshed reinforcement bars, high strength concrete and architectural concrete.
Radius of Action can be twice the listed values when slump is high or super plastisizers are used. It is important these values are used only as a general guide. Specifications are subject to change.