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The Concrete Supply House is a Partner Authorized Dealer.  We have access to all Partner saws, accessories, and parts.  Whether you need a new saw, accessories for your saw, or need to replace parts to properly maintain your saw, we have the equipment to get your job done right.

We are also set up for your diamond saw blade needs.  We are an Authorized Dealer for the top names in the industry like Target, Husqvarna, and  MK Diamond.  There is no need to look any further, we can help.  The Concrete Supply House offers the perfect mix of competitive pricing along with superior service and knowledge.


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Cutting dust is the enemy of all gasoline powered cutters since it gets sucked into the engine and wears down piston, cylinder and bearings.  Active Air Filtration, a combination of three separate filter systems, is one of the many Partner breakthroughs.

1. The first active step separates the cutting dust from the intake air through the maintenance free centrifugal stage. 80-90% of all the cutting dust is separated already in this stage.
2. Remaining dust gets trapped in a second filter stage, made from a plastic foam filter, saturated with oil and has a large surface area.
3. A third filter stage, made of pleated paper, provides additional reassurance that the intake air is free from dust.

The secret behind the Dual Charge technology is the use of twin scavenging ducts, one for clean air and one for air mixed with fuel. A barrier of clean air forces out the burnt gases and the air mixed with fuel is then taken in. This results in a more powerful engine, better fuel economy, a reduction in emissions by 70% and less exhaust odor compared to previous generations of cutters. The fuel mixture thaTpasses through the bearings and pistons is also more concentrated and lubricates the motor more efficiently. The Dual Charge technology allows the engine to start more quickly, as only the duct with concentrated fuel mixture is used at start-up.
A Air/fuel mix.
B Clean air.
C Burnt gases.



The built-in filter compensation in SmartCarbÖ allows the engine to have the correct fuel /air mixture even when the filter is slightly clogged. This means the engine retains full power for longer cutting periods, extending the service life of the filter.

EASY STARTA high-compression engine makes you pull hard on the starter cord. With the Easy Start decompression valve, this problem is solved easily and effectively.

When you want to start, you just press the button that opens the valve. The Easy Start valve reduces the compression in the cylinder during the start, which means less wear on the starter assembly.
Easy Start reduces the force necessary to start the engine by 50%.
The starter is virtually maintenance free thanks to a unique, patented design û DuraStarterÖ û that seals the return spring and pulley wheel bearing. A number of seals prevent dust from entering the vital parts of the starter. DuraStarterÖ has a starter cord in one of the most hard-wearing polymer materials on the market.
Automatic lubrication of the clutch bearing gives increased service life and more reliable functionality.
Working in extremely dusty, dry and warm environments, the bearing is heavily exposed. The automatic lubrication system reduces the risk of seizing for the bearing, and therefore means increased reliability and reduced maintenance.

To make it easier and more comfortable to cut, Partner has developed a completely new blade guard with rubber berarings. A unique locking system makes it much easier to set the guard to the correct position even while cutting.
The enclosed transmission protects the drive belt from dust and moisture. Having an enclosed transmission means reduced wear, longer service intervals and fewer service interruptions.

Automatically adjusted decompression valve helps to minimize the amount of effort necessary to start the engine by reducing the compression at start-up.


Standard on Partner Power Saws, this feature allows for faster, cleaner cutting giving your saw and blade longer cutting life.  Partner water kits can be hooked up to a water hose or can be fed to Partner's portable water tank.  The water flow can be easily adjusted with the water control feature.

T-wrench holder allows quick access to an important tool for adjustments and maintenance right when you need it.  No more frantically searching for your T-wrench.

Window in the gas tank makes checking the fuel level effortless.  Avoid unnecessary stoppages due to an empty tank.


This capability is sometimes the only thing which makes it possible to carry out certain jobs, such as cutting close to walls or the ground. For normal work the cutting arm should be returned to its normal position, however, for the most ergonomic balance.