The market's strongest electric saw.

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The Partner K3000 Electric is one of the world�s most powerful and versatile electric saws. This machine offers new alternatives for cutting outside as well as inside. With it�s powerful motor (2.5 hp), ergonomic design and deep cutting capacity, it's the best in its class. The K3000 Electric is not an angle grinder, it is a concrete saw from the ground up.

� High power, a big 1800 w (120 v)
� Capacity for 14 cutting blade (5 cutting depth)
� Forward rotation reduces the risk of jamming and kickback
� Good distance between handles for safe control and reduced load
� Front handle that facilitates both vertical and horizontal cutting
� Comfortable patented design of the rear handle makes your job easier
� Elguard�, the advanced electronic overload protection, warns you by pulsating the rpms when you�re approaching overload
� Well-dimensioned bevel gear brings high durability, minimal power loss and low noise level
� SoftStart , this feature gives the saw a gradual start when the trigger is pulled. This makes it so the saw does not initially jump to full power . This feature gives the operator more control.
� Vacuum outlet in blade guard (12)
� Quick lock for the spindle and large opening in the blade guard makes changing the blade easy

Technical data Applications
Motor: 120 V

Blade Size: 12''

Depth of Cut: 4''

Power: 1800 W (120V)

Weight: 19.4 lbs


Motor: 120 V

Blade Size: 14''

Depth of Cut: 5''

Power: 1800 W (120V)

Weight: 20.7 lbs


General concrete cutting
Light masonry work
Masonry work
Landscape work



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Partner K3000 is now the Husqvarna K3000. Partner was bought by Husqvarna, as Husqvarna has improved the saws, and continues to be an industry leader in innovation of hand held concrete saws.

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