Performance and features that are totally unique.

Saw info

The new Partner K3600 MKII is a saw whose performance and features make it totally unique. The eccentric drive of the blade means that the cutting depth is an impressive 10! The unique power-to-weight ratio and the hydraulic drive make for a hand-held saw that is easy to use and highly efficient.

The Partner K3600 MKII has a new sturdy design that gives greater cutting accuracy and service life. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including reinforced concrete and brick.

The combination of large cutting depth, high capacity and minimal set-up time make the K3600 MKII one of the most productive tools in the trade.


Technical data Applications

Engine: Hydraulic-gear motor

Blade Size: 14''

Depth of Cut: 10''

Power: 5.8 HP

Weight: 17.8 lbs

Recommended Flow: 10 gal. / min.

Maximum Flow: 10.5 gal. / min.

Maximum Pressure: 2500 psi


Deep concrete cutting
Rescue work
Gas/water/sewer maintenance
Demolition work
Indoor/Refurbishment work
Under water work

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Partner K3600 MKII is now the Husqvarna K3600 MKII. Partner was bought by Husqvarna, as Husqvarna has improved the saws, and continues to be an industry leader in innovation of hand held concrete saws.

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