PARTNER K950 Concrete Chainsaw


Unprecedented 15'' cutting depth.

Saw info

With the new Partner K 950 Chain, Partner�s saw range gains a versatile and efficient machine that can solve new cutting problems in a variety of applications. The Partner K 950 Chain is a gas powered saw with a diamond chain. The K 950 Chain is based on the popular K950 Active, and it features all the technical and ergonomic benefits of that machine. With a concrete chainsaw you can cut better in tight spots, you get better control while avoiding gyro forces, you can cut sharp corners without overcutting and you can make up to 15 (390 mm) cuts from one side. This makes the concrete chainsaw a perfect complement to a Ring Saw with a blade, where the Ring Saw does the pre-cutting.

Technical data

Engine: Air cooled two stroke engine

Bar Size: 14''

Depth of Cut: 15''

Power: 6.1 HP/ 94 cc

Weight: 20.7 lbs



Retro installation, vent, air, electro.
Corner cutting
Demanding precision cutting
Stone, monument work
General concrete cutting
Pile cutting
Pipeline cutting
Demolition work



Partner K950 Chain Parts

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