Concrete Stencils

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Regular Concrete Stencil - Plastic Backed Paper
Our Regular Stencil is made of a tough, industrial plastic backed paper and is good for one time use.  Regular Stencil does not have any adhesive.

Custom Stencils
We offer custom stencils which are quoted out on a case by case basis.  Cost is related to the size and complexity of the stencil.  So, the larger the custom stencil the greater the cost, as well as the greater the complexity the greater the cost.  Custom stencils start at around $250.00 to $300.00.


Frequently Asked Questions about Our Concrete Stencils

How are your Stencils shipped? Our stencils are shipped rolled and boxed via UPS Ground transit.

Can you Express ship Stencils? Yes, we can, you will need to place your order online before 12pm Central. The UPS Air shipping charges are considerable due to the box size for the stencils. It is usually better to pay for ground shipping and make other arrangements.

How long does it take to recieve the stencils? Usually about 4-6 working days via ground delivery

Can you use your stencils with paint? If you want to yes, but our stencils are designed for use while pouring concrete, not for painting existing concrete. We are unable to tech support your painting concerns, we feel painting concrete is a poor choice. You may want to research some other more permanate solution for making your concrete beautiful.

Can your stencils be reused? No, we do not suggest reusing concrete stencils. We have seen some of the claims on other websites, too. Do your resarch and you will find that any reputable contractor is not reusing paper stencils, as it would comprimise the integrity of their work.

How big are your rolls? All Rolls contain about 1076 sqft of stencils each being a little over 300 linear feet.

Can you sell smaller rolls? No, sorry we don not have smaller rolls available at this time.