Concrete Colors

Integral Concrete Color


Integral color is the concrete color that is mixed into or with the concrete, so it is integral in the concrete and colors the whole pour.  It is considered a primary form of color.
Concrete Color Hardener Color Hardener is a powdered mix that is broadcasted onto fresh concrete after the bleed water has evaporated.  This product is then bull floated into the top of the concrete.  It colors just the top of the concrete.  It is considered a primary form of color.
Concrete Powdered Release Agent Powdered Release agents are a powdered mix of hydrophobic powder and concrete color.  This product is broadcasted onto the surface of the concrete before stamping.  It has a dual purpose, it keeps the stamps from sticking, while also adding additional secondary color to the concrete.
Acid Stains Acid stains are a acid based chemical compound that reacts with the lyme in the cement paste on your concrete.  Acid stains can be used for new or old concrete.  Acid stains are best when used with a high quality sealer to protect the stain.

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