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Our Concrete Stamps selection is second to none. You can research all of our stamps by clicking on any of the pictures below on the site. You can then obtain the stamps individual size, cost, and if we sell the in Concrete Stamp Sets or not. Every important piece of information you need to know about Concrete Stamps is just a few clicks away.
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Frequently Ask questions about our Concrete Stamps

Where are these Concrete Stamps made?

The USA!

Help the US Economy Spend US Dollars in America!

What is a floppy?
A flex is produced with a more pliable urethane that can be bent to a 90* angle. The flex has no handles and is thinner. This allows you to fill in the areas that the concrete stamps do not, confining situations such as formed edges or next to a wall etc. which will minimize your final touch up. Flexes are available in all patterns.

How many concrete stamps will I need for my job?
The general rule is that you will need enough concrete stamps to completely go across the width of the area to be stamped plus 1 to 2 additional concrete stamps to start the next row. You will also need at least one flex, a tamper tool and miscellaneous hand tools. Grout wheels are also available. IMPORTANT: Always remember to know the dimensions of the tool of choice since sizes vary from pattern to pattern. Always take into consideration your normal job factors such as wind, sun exposure, and general climate. You do not want to lose your stamping window due to an inadequate number of concrete stamps.

Do I have to purchase a minimum number of stamps?
No. The Concrete Supply House does not require you to purchase a minimum or set. We understand that this is an investment and some small jobs such as a walkway or small patio may only require a few stamps.

Are your concrete stamps warranted?
Yes. Matcrete Concrete Texturing stamps are lifetime warranted when used under proper conditions with the appropriate decorative concrete products.

Why do some mat patterns have a choice of different colors?
There is a slight variation in the pattern from color to color to create a more natural look as they interlock correctly. We use color coding to make it more convenient for you. There is no set color order when placing on your concrete, just donÆt put the same colors next to each other. When a pattern has more than one color we recommend that an equal amount of each color is purchased to assure the more natural look.

What type of care is needed for your concrete stamps?
The care is simple. Just hose, wipe down and your concrete stamps are ready for your next job.

How many inches of concrete is required in order to use concrete stamps?
A minimum of 2 inches of concrete is needed.

Why can't I use all floppies rather than regular concrete stamps?
In order to stamp properly you need the rigidity of the actual regular concrete stamps. The concrete stamps are made with handles, a more durable material and allows you to get on the concrete sooner. Flex are manufactured for the fill in and tight areas only and not designed to support the weight of a worker.

What are the most popular concrete stamp patterns?
There are to many patterns that are popular in our line of concrete stamps to mention. Ashler Slate, Random Stone, London Cobblestone, Vegas Stone, Antique Brick Basketweave are just a few that are popular.

Can Matcrete Concrete texturing stamps be used with overlayments?
Most of our concrete stamps can also be used with overlayment systems but keep in mind that you will have to allow for extra material costs as you will need a 3/8 to _. (We are currently working with Matcrete, to get a definite list to better answer this question)

Do you carry any of the other supplies needed for decorative concrete?
Yes, we also carry Stencils, Acid Stain, Color Hardener, and Release Agents, As well as other Tools for the Concrete Industry

Do your stamps have handles?
Yes, all of our stamps have handles with the exception of:

  • All Floppys/Flexes
  • All 12 Touchup concrete stamps
  • Seamless texture skins smaller than 44   

We have found that handles are not needed for these particular items because, handles do not aid the Stamper in any significant way.  We do offer handles on Seamless Texture skins on a special order basis, call our toll free number and we can assist you.         

When can my order be shipped?
Most orders ship the same day on our stamps. Some less poplular stamps can take 2-3 Days for shipment to be prepared.