Concrete Trowels for Concrete Finishing

Finishing Trowels Square ended finishing trowels an industry standard

Pool Trowels Rounded End Finishing trowels preferred by some because of their forgiving nature

Round Front - Square Back A mix of a Pool Trowel and conventional trowel

Silo Trowels For hard to get places

Pipe Trowels For finishing between pipes or behind fixtures

Midget Trowels For small areas where your regular finishing trowel cannot get

Plexi-Plastic Trowels Used exclusively with white cement based products
  Barrier Trowels Used to cut multiple grooves with the addition of our Bronze bits.
  Funny Trowels (Walking) Popular for those of us who like walking tools and want to save their back.

Replacement Handles Replace that old worn handle with a New one
  Trowel Brackets Make any of your Kraft Trowels a Funny or Walking Trowel

Trowel Sharpener Eliminates the Dull edges and small nicks in your trowels