We sell to all forms of government: Federal, State, and Local

Government Purchase Orders

Over the past several years we have frequent had request from various government agencies seeking to make purchases through the use of their purchase order systems. We have equal number of government agencies using various credit cards issued, to the purchase government entities to make purchases from Concrete Supply House. We understand that the purpose of a purchase order is to provide authorization for government employees to make purchases to a select vendor and to protect the government agency. Once the product is received by the government agency, a check is cut to the vendor. This system is designed to make sure that goods are in hand prior to the disbursement of public funds. Concrete Supply House appreciates the accountability of not releasing funds until goods are received; but feels the old purchase order system is quickly becoming an antiquated system that can drive up product cost to the end consumer.

The problem with the purchase order system is the length of time from the delivery and acceptance of goods until payment is rendered. In many instances it can take from 60-90 days to receive payment under the purchase order system. At The Concrete Supply House we price our merchandise at a very competitive rate. In order to provide this low pricing to our customers we cannot afford to wait the extended length of time for the receipt of funds. To take advantage of the best manufacturing pricing, Concrete Supply House must pay the manufacturer within ten days of the time the item is first shipped to Concrete Supply House. These cost savings are passed on to our valued customers!

The Concrete Supply House feels payments by customers through the use of credit cards provide protection equal to that as provided by a government purchase ordering system. This is evident by the growing number of government entities (local, state & federal) that have adopted the use of purchasing through credit cards.

The Concrete Supply House welcomes government purchases and hopes our friends in government agencies understands that are low prices require us to treat all our customers the same. We hope our friends in government agencies will review their purchasing procedures to allow for the use of credit card purchases through Concrete Supply House.

Price Quotes

Concrete Supply House will be more than happy to provide quotes to government agencies, contractors or other entities. Just submit a request to our government sales department. It is important that our valued customers understand that if the intent is to get a price break that the larger quantities bid, the greater the cost savings. Concrete Supply House strives to maintain competitive prices always on our individual items. Concrete Supply House can often find additional savings for our customer when large volume orders are made.


Sales Tax

The Concrete Supply House does not charge sales tax on orders to any government entity due to interstate commerce rules. You can use our checkout process, just as any of our other customers.

We prefer you to provide your tax exemption information here:

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W9 Requests

Some government entities require our W9 in order for us to do business with them.  You can request our W9 information, please fill out the form here:

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