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All Matcrete products are now available from The Concrete Supply House.


Matcrete was founded 30+ years ago by the Kaitanjian family of California.  They have been making tools for the decorative concrete industry ever since.  Mr. Kaitanjian was a true businessman, who started as a concrete contractor in the state of California, but ended up an innovator.  He began creating other new styles of the old cookie cutter stamps in the early 80s and quickly moved on to Urethane Rubber stamps.  Matcrete tools were designed with contractors in mind, and each of Mr. Kaitanjian's original customers help mold and shape Matcrete into what it is today, a world leader in concrete stamps.

Here at Concrete Supply House, we have sold thousands of concrete stamps over the years since we started in 2003.  When we switched over to the Matcrete line of tools, our customers were instantly enthralled with how good they really are.  You see, for years without knowing it, we were just selling the good tools, but Matcrete tools are one of the originals, and quality, and craftsmanship have shown through.

Just as they produce the best stamping tools, they also have expanded over the years into many of the color products, and in our opinion one of the best all around concrete sealers on the market.  Unfortunately Mike Kaitanjian passed away in 2001, and we never had a chance to thank him for his innovation and hard work.  His family, Cathee, Kim, Kelly and Kris still own and operate Mr Kaitanjian's legacy, and build the finest concrete stamps anywhere.