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Partner Parts

Please click on one of the below links and you will be taken to one of our parts diagrams for your particular saw.

Each and every part listed on our website is available for immediate sale.

Shipping takes 3 to 5 Business days via ground delivery.


Partner Parts Diagrams | Partner Parts Lookups

Blades for Partner Saws

Gas Powered Saws
Partner K500 Mark II
Partner K540
Partner K650 Active II/
Partner K650 Active 3
Partner K650 Mark II
Partner K650 Super

Partner K650 Active
Partner K650 Active 2
Partner K700 (Non Active)

Partner K700 Active
Partner K700 Active 2
Partner K700 Active 3
Partner K750
K850 Mark II
Partner K950 Active
Partner K1200 Mark II
Partner K1250 Active Parts

Electric Saws
Partner K3000 Electric
Partner K2300 Electric

Specialty Saws
Partner K950 Chain
Partner K950 Ring Parts

WA20 Wall Attachment
KV03MKII Saw Cart

Hydraulic Saws
K3600 Parts
Partner K2500
Partner K3600 MKII

Hydraulic Power Packs
Partner FC40
Partner HE 42
Partner HP40 Mark II

Air Powered Saws
Partner K40 - K30

Common Maintenance Parts


All Partner Saws take an Oil Ratio of 50:1